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Nature and love

They say......

"OH you only work three days a week". ONNNLY 3 DAYS? What! This past week was a very very long three days working night shift at the hospital. These days include: Waking up, doing a Jillian Michaels exercise video, eating breakfast/dinner (whatever you want to call it when you wake up and eat at 5 pm), driving to the hospital (cursing out all the horrible Florida drivers--a combo of old people and college drivers), and then psyching myself up to walk into the hospital. I work 12-13 hours while being totally stressed out and ask questions to clarify the protocol at this particular hospital. The answers to these questions are never clear and are not the same from nurse to nurse. When I call the doctors because the patients need new orders for something...I get yelled at for calling them at 6 am. (I never thought I would miss my resident physicians! But the residents are all times, for anything I need, and they at least pretend to respect me!)

I finish up my charting---in the worst charting system from the 1980's, and I finally give report to the day shift nurse. I run out of the hospital as fast as I can, before I get caught up in another task. I call my mom to vent on my drive home, sleep for 6 hours..wake up and do it all again!

This t-shirt really speaks the truth!


Obviously, I was really feeling horrible about work, and my decision to move to Gainesville, Fl. I knew that a long weekend of lonely tv watching, and an adventure making another pintrest meal for myself would not be enough to pull me out of the

stress I was feeling!

Mikey- my boyfriend of 9 years- has come to the rescue! Yay!

His visit has made me feel like I can get through these 8 weeks.

On Sunday afternoon/evening, we headed to Paynes Prairie. It is a Florida State park, with tons of Hiking trails. Unfortunately, we didn't realize how much time it would take to actually walk the big trails to see all the Alligators and wildlife. We decided on a short 1.8 mile trail through the main gator sightings for us, this time! We did, however, see many dragonflies, squirrels, and wide variety of mosquitoes!

What a relaxing way to spend the day.

We had some nice talks, and it really helped to ease my stress. It has inspired me to look for other places to walk/hike around Gainesville. I hope to have the opportunity to get out in nature.

Nature, Love and Sunshine

....all I need.

Love him!, and it's cool that there is so much sand on the trail

I love him. I also love the sand on the trail.

With no plans to see each other again before my assignment is up, I am sad.

But I can hope for another visit, and look forward to my other guests.

Thanks for coming Mikey!


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