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   WHO AM I   

Well, I don't really know who I am, but I am trying to find her. 

I started this travel nurse assignment- because I do know I love to travel, 

and I love caring for my patients. Sooo, why not combine the two?

I have loved travel, since my first Europe tour after graduating high school!

10 years ago! That first experience with different cultures, blew my mind. 

When I lived in the international dorm my freshman year of college, I learned even more about my love of other cultures, and my growing wanderlust. 


My mom always knew I was going to be a nurse. I spent plently of time  in and out to the hosptial as a child, due to a conginetal disorder. I always loved the nurses, they were the perfect combonation of caring and professional. Unlike the doctors..who came in for 3 min and placed their cold hands on my belly without any warning!


I graduated from NKU with my BSN in May 2012. But because of personal issues, and me not coping well with change, I put off taking my licensing exam until September. In December of that year I decided to go on a big adventure when I had an internship in Cape town, South Africa. What an amazing experience!

Since Feb 2913 I have been an RN on a med-surg floor in Cincinnati, OH. It was a great first Rn job, with great co-workers, who taught me how to be the best nurse I can be. 


Now, I am on to my next job, and next adventure. I hope you will read and learn with me as I go!

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