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Dinner for one :)

I guess, I have been an adult for at least 10 years. But I don't know if I will ever feel like one. I did come one step closer today! I made a pintrest meal. It was healthy, and slightly complicated, and it turned out delicious! YAY. Now, I am not going to become the know... Paula Dean?, Rachel Ray?, But I didn't hate everything about it. I did hate the waiting, and of course the cleaning. I hate the cleaning more than usual, because my apartment doesn't have a dish washer, and the pans provided are not non-stick! FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS! I mean, that was all ok in my apartment in Capetown! haha. No apartment in America should be sans-dishwasher, especially when you are paying an arm and a leg!

My day off was wonderful and relaxing, I had no plans. I took the time to see what places I could walk to from my apartment. This photo is from the hospital across the street. It would be just too convenient if this was the hospital where I work, but it's not.

Below is another picture of the other hospital, where I do not work! It looks fun! Also, I hear they have the charting system epic! I miss you epic!

I had to post this picture, because it is funny, but also really makes me feel bad. If you know me, you know I do not drink milk! I think it's horrible for you...but I won't go on that rant right now.

I am also not someone who likes to preach...too much...about this kind of thing. People can chose to eat what they want, and I don't care. Also, pretty much if it's free, I will eat it. :)

This is the story of the milk:

My mom was here for a couple weeks. During that time she was amazing, and bought all the food. We were trying to get rid of the food so we wouldn't have to pack it up when I had to move from one apartment to another (this is another story...that I am sure you don't really care about. )

I was eating cereal with milk before work, because I was trying to get rid of it, and it was FREE. I wasn't planning on making a habit of it. I feel better when I eat some protein- like eggs or even peanut butter and jelly for breakfast.

When we eventually moved into my final apartment i came home to a full gallon of milk. My mom had bought more groceries for me. Cause she is awesome!! But I told her this milk was going to be wasted, because I can't possibly eat that much cereal, and I will never actually drink a glass of milk..yuck! Thus, I had to pour this whole gallon down the drain.

So..that is the sad story of the wasted gallon of milk. I love you mom, but I do not love milk..unless its coconut or almond! :)

P.S. Check out JASH my youtube channel with my nephew. I hope it's slightly entertaining.

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