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Hanging around in Gainesville!!

Hi all,

I am new to this blog thing. I am warning you right now, that I did NOT major in English. I am a horrible speller, and usually use too many run on sentences.

I love science, and have my BSN in nursing...and am able to spell all sorts of crazy disease/diagnosis, but can't ever seem to remember how to spell simple words like restaurant. (YAY, I did it!)

I am starting this to keep in touch with loved ones I left back home In Kentucky.

Also I have learned that writing will help me to get to know myself. I want to remember all my adventures. i would love to have documented memories of time spent with Julius, MY AWESOME NEPHEW!, the cities i have visited, and the things I have learned about me!

I started my career as a travel Nurse...aka...gypsy nurse, agency RN, Traveler, March 4th 2016. I have been on my first assignment for about a month.

I am grateful for my amazing family. My mom and dad came with me for the first week. My dad left- because "somebody has to work"- and my mom and her friends Amy and Brenda stayed with me for another week and a half.

I have already cried more times than I can count. But one good day at work, along with knowing I am only an hour drive from Jacksonville, where Julius lives, is enough to keep me going.

I have all the support in the world with my family, and my amazing boyfriend. They are constantly reminding me I can do anything I set my mind to. I am hopeful that these next two months are going to teach me so much about what I really am capable of!

This adventure, so far, I have worked, shopped (when my mom was here), driven at least 20 hrs back and forth from Gainesville to Jacksonville. WORKED, cheered Julius on at baseball games, SLEPT, had my very first car accident (that was serious enough to have to get my bumper fixed), WORKED, and started a you-tube channel, because Julius wants to be famous.

My 13 week assignment lasts until June 4th! I will be here through the good, the bad and the ugly of my first travel assignment no matter how many times I have to cry in the car in the hospital parking garage or in the bathroom at work! I will do this!!

Thanks for reading!


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